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Thursday, March 11, 2010

University Of Maryland Women's Soccer Team

Yesterday was a special day not only for Justin but his 2 younger brothers' Jacob and Joey. Coach Brian Pensky of the U of MD womens' soccer team had contacted me weeks ago very interested in Justin's plight. He expressed interest to help out Justin in any way. He graciously invited Justin to meet his team at a practice and then we will arrange a day very soon to shoot with the team for Justin's Quest. Well the day came and Justin, Jacob and Jory eagerly came to the practice prepared all decked out in soccer gear to participate. To our surprise Coach Pensky, gave the kids authentic Maryland soccer gear in the parking lot. You could see the little smile on their faces and appreciation. Then they met the girls, need I say more. The girls were so nice and the boys had sheepish grins on their faces. Coach Pensky and his assistants were great as they invited the boys to do drills with the girls and they eagerly participated and then the boys helped coach a scrimmage. It was a great day because not only was Justin excited but Jacob and Joey got some much needed attention. The day ended with a group picture and an exchange with Justin that the team will be in touch with Justin via facebook. We are so appreciative that Coach Pensky and the team gave the kids this great experience. After practice Justin and his brothers came home and shot 70 baskets outside.


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