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Saturday, April 24, 2010

All Aboard

Thursday night April 22nd was an awesome night because DC 50 TV graciously provided there limo/bus for transportation to the Lavar Arrington/ Chad Dukes radio show on the Fan 106.7 and to the sports bar Icons for a taping of Sports Week hosted by Lavar and Chad. The neat thing about this event was the ability for us to invite some of our family and some of Justin's friends to this event to share in our joy first hand at a wonderful event. The bus came to our house and about 20 people piled in on the way to Lavar'as radio show. The kids were very excited to be on this awesome bus. We were scheduled to be on the show at 5:30 PM. We arrived a bit early and our entourage eagerly and excitedly marched into the radio station. The staff of the Fan 106.7 were very nice to all of us. The moment came when our segment was going to start. We went into the tiny studio and as before Lavar was as gracious as ever as he greeted Justin and our family. My brothers Gary and Bobby were like little kids waiting to meet a sports legend. Again, Lavar was awesome with the rest of the posse. We got to meet Lavar's sidekick Chad Dukes and he was very funny and compassionate towards our cause. We had a treat and also met Redskin Lorenzo Alexander and saw again Matt Cahill, Lavar's producer who is fantastic. The time came for us to do our segment and the posse has never seen a radio studio and again Lavar was unbelievable and let everyone pack the studio like sardines. All of our guests were as quiet as church mice while Justin, myself and Jeff Kolodin, Vice chair of NBTS, took our seats at the microphones and began to talk and be interviewed. Again, I was blown away at Justin's poise in speaking and this time it was Justin's first appearance on live radio. Lavar and Chad were great in letting us tell our story and they promoted the website and our cause significantly. The Posse were in amazement at the whole event and Audrey and I were glad to see them share in this. The radio show was a huge boost to raising awareness and finding a cure for brain tumors.Our segment Lavar's show during the best part of the drive home segment and NFL draft night was huge. Our live segment was about 25 minutes. The fun did not stop there. The bus took us to Icons Sports Bar for the taping of Lavar's TV show. Justin appeared on the show with Lorenzo Alexander. Again, it was a great experience for all, as most of us had not seen a TV show taping. Again, Justin was as cool as a cucumber and charmed the crowd. People came over to him and were so amazed by Justin and were so inspired. Lavar was great as he posed for pictures and signed autographs for the posse. A highlight of the evening for Audery and I was our meeting with Howard Rosenberg, who is a brain tumor survivor and brother to Jay Rosenberg. Jay has been so instrumental in jump starting Justin's Quest into high gear. Howard was diagnosed at the age of 13 years old and over 40 years ago they did not even have anything close to our technology as we have today. The significance of this meeting was to see get some insight into the Rosenberg family brain tumor saga because I now have a better understanding why Jay is so passionate about Justin's Quest. Jay was like my 3 boys today in dealing with a brother that has a brain tumor and he understands what my boys 3 other boys are going through. Howard was a true inspiration to Justin and our family. A 25 year old gentlemen came over to us and wanted to meet Justin. He was a 5 year cancer survivor and was blown away by Justin's courage and desire. I sat back and watched the whole evening as the kids ate dinner and watched the NFL draft in awe and disbelief as I had to pinch myself to do a gut check because I cannot believe what we are doing to make a difference and that is my son who has the brain tumor who is spearheading this cause. The bus took us home and it was a great night had by all. Again, a big thanks goes to the folks at DC 50 TV and The Fan 106.7


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