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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Robert Frost Middle School

I received a phone call from Dr. Jones, the principal from Robert Frost Middle School that he wanted to have the annual student /Faculty basketball game benefit Justin's Quest. This is the school that Justin attends and he is in his first year there. We were so honored and humbled by this most generous gesture. The event took place on Tuesday May 18th. They had Justin and a faculty member do an announcement over the loud speaker on May 12th about the event. Justin was reading over his speech to me the night before. Again, I still cannot believe that our son has such poise to tell the world that he has a brain tumor. The speech went over well and the school sold out the 350 tickets. The gym was at capacity. The Washington Redskins were so generous to have representing the organization at this event Ken Harvey, former pro bowl linebacker and Gary Clark, former pro bowl wider receiver and surprise guest Greivis Vasquez, University of MD basketball superstar. Again ,what an event. The games started and at halftime Dr. Jones gave a speech about Justin. This was the first time my father and father in law were in town to witness such an awesome scene. It was emotional to watch my father with tears streaming down his face listen intently to Dr. Jones describe his grandson with an inoperable brain tumor being so strong. It was a chance for him to see first hand what I have been talking about regarding these emotional events. To watch the student body applaud so loud for Justin when he, Greivis, Ken Harvey, Gary Clark and Dr. Jones made 19 shots at the 5 minute halftime was awesome. Justin was all smiles. Ken and Gary presented Justin with a signed Santana Moss jersey and Greivis most generously gave Justin his red watch. Justin wears it proudly. The school was going to donate an additional $100 if Greivis made a half court shot and guess what, The man swished it. Overall the school raised over $1000 for Justin's Quest. We are so grateful to the Frost community for taking an interest in Justin's Plight, so a big thank you goes to all who made this event happen.


Blogger Monique said...

making me cry at work!!! Way to go Justin

May 20, 2010 at 8:09 AM  
Anonymous Alan Glassman said...

Tremendous spirit and drive with a wonderful
optomistic outlook for a young man with a
potentially serious tumor. Don't think I would be that strong and I'm in my fifties.
Keep it up Justin!! We are all pulling for you. From your second cousin, twice removed in Philadelphia.

July 14, 2010 at 7:34 PM  
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