Proceeds to benefit accelerate brain cancer cure


Friday, November 12, 2010


Lululemon is a company which sells beautiful designer workout clothes for women. Every year this generous company picks a day for 3 charities to visit their store in Tysons Corner Virginia. Nicole,Audrey's first cousin, works for Luluemon and suggested to management that Justin's Quest be one of the 3 charities. We are very grateful to the management and staff of luluemon for allowing JQ to attend. Audrey set up her material on a table in between the other wonderful charities. She had a picture of Justin in front of the White House in his JQ jersey and she place JQ cards on the table. The gist of how this works is as follows: patrons from the store come to the charity table to hear about each charity and that patron will put a chocolate kiss in the jar of the charity of their choice and each kiss represents $50donated by Lululemon. Needless to say when each person heard Audrey tell her story that" we have a son named Justin who was diagnosed with and inoperable brain tumor and that he wants to make a difference by shooting 63,000 baskets which represents each person diagnosed with a brain tumor each year. Justin wants to help raise awareness and find a cure for brain tumors and all the proceeds benefit the National brain Tumor Society". The patrons were impressed with all the charities but JQ was the favorite given Justin's passion and that he is a young boy with this disease and wants to make a difference. Lululemon donated $1350 to JQ. We want to thank Lululemon so much for their generosity and to Nicole for setting this up.


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