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Sunday, January 26, 2014


It is hard to believe that Justin has signed up his team Justin's Quest for now 5 years. It has gone by so fast yet life has been a blur and so hazy since he was diagnosed. I was trying to copy and paste Justin's hand written letter that he sent out to so many people for his first race. I will however provide you the text and if you can imagine it in the hand writing of a very scared little 12 year old boy who has a brain tumor. Mind you he wrote this letter about 2 weeks after he was diagnosed. The letter reads as follows: DEAR FRIENDS AND FAMILY, MY NAME IS JUSTIN FRIEDLANDER AND I WAS JUST DIAGNOSED WITH A BRAIN TUMOR ON MARCH 16TH 2009. I WAS VERY SAD AND SCARED AND COULD NOT UNDERSTAND WHY GOD GAVE ME THIS. MY MOMMY AND DADDY SAID THAT GOD CHOSE ME BECAUSE I AM VERY STRONG AND I CAN MAKE DIFFERENCE IN HELPING PEOPLE WITH BRAIN TUMORS. PLEASE HELP ME HELP OTHERS WITH A BRAIN TUMOR AND DONATE TO MY TEAM JUSTIN UNITED IN THE RACE FOR HOPE MAY 3, 2009. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING ME. LOVE, JUSTIN We are gearing up to raise money for this race and of course appreciate everyone's love and support. Again, we cannot express how proud we are of Justin. His brain tumor has had a positive influence on so many people and has defined in him in some fashion that one would see such love, courage and compassion that exudes from Justin. Justin we love you very much. Keep fighting the good fight not only for you but those others that have a brain tumor.


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