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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Justin is counting down the days to his last shot at the NBA All-Star game. He just received his official invitation to the NBA weekend festivities and he is so excited as am I. We both are going to this event. It is still a surprise who will be the person shooting the last basket with Justin. He is asking me every day and I have no idea. Justin is continuing to monitor the NBA teams who are shooting hoops for Justin's Quest and Justin is also adding baskets. We are getting down to the wire of this unbelievable journey. It will not be the end of Justin and our family trying to find a cure for brain tumors. Unfortunately for our family, we are still in the limbo and walking on eggshells. The good news is Justin is stable and it is a blessing. We feel so lucky and we believe all the prayers that Justin continues to receive from so many people and his fight to help others continues to keep him safe. So he will continue to fight selflessly for not only himself but the whole brain tumor community.


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