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Thursday, February 17, 2011


We just received the awesome news yesterday that Laker All Star Pau Gasol will be the superstar who will shoot with Justin for his last shots with many of the 26 All Stars present on the court and watching Justin. Justin and the family are so excited. Justin and his brothers anxiously followed Pau Gasol in last night's game against Cleveland. He had a career night 30 points and 20 rebounds. We are putting the final touches on our packing for the journey to LA. Justin is so excited for this weekend but also a little sad that this quest is coming to an end. He wants to continue to fight for the cure for brain tumors and raise awareness. He will be involved in NBTS's new awareness campaign that will be launched in the Spring. As parents, Audrey and I cannot be more proud of Justin. We are also very proud of his brothers, Jordan, Jacob, and Joey for their love and support of Justin and his Quest, as I have always said it is a family brain tumor. I was talking with Audrey and reflecting about how far we have come from the infancy of this idea to make a difference after Justin's diagnosis in March 2009 to this weekend. It is truly mind blowing what Justin and our family have done. We have worked very hard with NBTS to raise awareness. Who would have thought that we would have met and shot hoops with President Obama ( a big thanks to Jay Rosenberg for making that happen),Michael Phelps and countless others. I must be perfectly candid, I knew in my heart that Justin's Quest would be big and make a difference. It was Justin's calling to help others upon his diagnosis of his brain tumor. I know for me personally it will be a very emotional weekend. Well enough of my rambling...I will be filling everyone in with blogs for this awesome weekend to come. Stay tuned and glued to your seats..Let the festivities begin!!! Lastly, I want to thank Chris Grundner, Director of Awareness for NBTS for making this weekend possible. He like us has poured his blood sweat and tears into this project.


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