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Thursday, December 15, 2011


Big news!! Justin and our family have joined forces with Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure (ABC2, is one of the leading and cutting edge organizations in finding a cure for brain tumors. Justin's Quest will continue in conjunction with ABC2 to come up with new events to raise awareness and help find a cure a cure for brain tumors. Justin is so excited to be a spokesperson for ABC2 and he and our family are working dilignetly with ABC2 to make a difference. In fact Justin just recorded public service announcement radio spots to be aired throughtout the country to help raise awareness for brain tumors. Justin is as committed as ever to find a cure brain tumors. We will keep you posted on Justin's and ABC2's progress frequently. All of the proceeds raised from Justin's Quest benefit ABC2 and will be put to great use in research to find a cure. Remember without money ther can be no research and without research there can be no cure for brain tumors. Please visit the updated version of and Thanks for your support!


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