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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Mavericks Are The World Champions

Justin was watching all the NBA playoff games very attently to see which team would be the champs. He had a new appreciation of the playoffs given his personal meeting with the all stars. He was rooting for the Celtics, Heat, Lakers and Mavs. The finals were very intense for Justin as we all know he loves LeBron. However, he was very happy that the Mavs won because he really loves Dirk. Dirk had a personal meeting with Justin in L.A. during his last shot day and he was real cool to Justin. Obviously, Justin would have been very happy if the Heat won because of LeBron. Oh well basketball is over for now. Justin just finished school today and will start high school next year. We had his junior high school graduation last week and I could be more proud of him. It is a huge accomplishment for him given his diagnosis and his learning difficulties. Again Justin has proven that he can do anything. Fortunately, we received good news in May that Justin's tumor is again stable and slow growing. Once again we get a pass on the start of treatment. He goes back to Boston MGH at the end of August for more testing. We are so grateful to the team of doctors at Mass General Hospital(MGH), they have been fantastic with all his testing and have accepted Justin in their protocol of proton beam radiation when the time comes. We feel very blessed that Justin is in good hands. Justin is still involved with NBTS with their Get your head in the game campaign. He and his brothers as well as Audery and I are thinking of other ways to raise awareness and find a cure for brain tumors. Stay tuned!