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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Super Bowl

Justin and the family enjoyed watching the Super Bowl at my sister's house. It was hard for us to decide who to root for. Obviously, we did not want to offend our wonderful medical team at Mass General who were clearly rooting for the Patriots and they were playing for Myra Kraft who lost her battle with cancer. My sister's husband is also from Boston so we did not want to slight him. However, our nephew's dad is from New Jersey and he was rooting for the Giants. Well Justin chimed in to have us all see a YouTube video about the Giant's defensive lineman Justin Tuck call brick strong. It was a very emotional video about Tuck befriending a boy who had Leukemia and wanted to meet Tuck. They became friends and the boy died and his last request was to be buried in Tuck's football jersey. Wow very powerful and emotional. My Justin showed me the video the day before as he insisted that I watch something with him and he did not tell me what it was about. It clearly effected my Justin and I find it truly amazing that Justin finds all these things on the Internet as he is always showing me something. Additionally, the linebacker from the Giants, Mark Herzlich is a survivor of bone cancer and only 2 years ago was undergoing treatment. So I guess we just wanted a great game and maybe a slight edge to root for the Giants because of these 2 stories. Either way would have been fine, but in the end it was a great game to watch. Thanks again for all your support and look into the future as we are going to be doing something big with Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure (WWW.ABC2.ORG)