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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Justin and the family have had a great summer. Justin and his brothers spent alot of time at the shore going to the beach and hanging out. Justin had a chance to visit a beach house called Justin's House. We received some emails asking if this was a house we were involved in. We did some research about the house and discovered some eery information. The house was named after Justin Jennings and started by his parents through the Justin Jennings Foundation. Justin Jennings unfortunately, passed away from a brain tumor after a courageous fight at the age of 20. Our Justin was very touched by the story and wanted to see the house and learn more about it. We visited the house and took some pictures of Justin standing in this huge green wooden beach chair. The house is in Bethaney Beach and set up to provide a vacation with families who have a member with cancer at the cost of just a refundable security deposit. Our hats off to Justin Jennings' parents for providing such a wonderful haven for families dealing with cancer. We arrived in Boston to get our MRI and doctor visits for Justin. We again have been blessed with a stable MRI and feel very lucky to be in the hands of such a great medical team at Mass General Hospital. This will be the place where Justin will have treatment at some body can predict when and that is the hard part walking on eggshells. We again are very lucky that we caught the brain tumor early to monitor it closely. Hard to believe that Justin is starting high school this Fall. He is very excited. The rest of the family is doing well and we will keep you posted on Justin's future brain tumor awareness and fundraising endeavors to come in the near future as he and the family are very committed to make a difference. Thanks again for everyone's love and support!!