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Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer is Almost Over

It has been a while since I have given everyone an update. Justin is doing well. He and his brothers have been at the beach quite a bit this Summer. Justin has joined a new soccer club called the Baltimore Celtic. They are one of the premier soccer clubs in the country. Justin has been training so hard to make this club and try and play in college. In fact the Baltimore Celtic soccer club is very interested in doing an event to raise money for Justin's Quest. It is hard to believe that he will be a junior in high school. It truly is a milestone when I look back at where he was when he was first diagnosed till now. We look at all the little things that Justin accomplishes since his diagnosis and marvel at them and feel blessed that he is here to achieve them. We do not take any of the regular mundane milestones for granted with Justin. Justin and our family are very excited that his younger brother Jacob will be attending the Bullis school together. Jacob will be a freshman. Jacob also plays for the Baltimore Celtic and we cannot wait to see the 2 of them play soccer together at Bullis. Last week I was reminded at how passionate Justin is about finding a cure for brain tumors. Joey, Justin's 12 year old brother and his friend decided to have a lemonade stand in our neighborhood. Justin summoned Jacob to go meet them with homemade signs about finding a cure for brain tumors and the Justin's Quest banner to set up at the stand with a table. The 4 boys raised $122 for Justin's Quest in 2 short hours. I find it amazing that people donated money and that the boys did this wonderful event spontaneously. We will be seeing a new eye specialist this week for Justin as part of his monitoring of his brain tumor. He does like going to the eye appointments as it is stressful for him. However, this new doctor has a dog that comes to work with him and I am hopeful that Justin will bond with the dog which should help make the visit less stressful for him. It is pro football season and that has Justin very excited. He loves football and cannot wait until the season starts. Lastly, I have been meaning to write this update and was geared up into writing it today because of a conversation I had with someone today. A wonderful and nice lady that cleans the office where I work saw me today and asked how was Justin doing. She said she prays for him daily because she lost her son and knows how terrible it is. Justin has touched so many people and it really makes us feel lucky for all the prayers people are doing for him. Thanks again for all of everyone's support and prayers and hopefully someday there will be a cure for brain tumors and all cancer.